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Taipei | Yu Dow Son Aesthetics Japanese Cuisine 魚道生美學日本料理

Yu Dow Son Aesthetics Japanese Cuisine 魚道生美學日本料理
No. 13, Lane 199, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 2707-4323

Price: NT$ 1,200+
Recommendation: 4 Stars

Because of Jon Chiu's short stay in Taiwan, we planned an insane food marathon in hope to have a taste of the many new and awesome restaurants in Taipei. As the first stop of our journey, we find it appropriate to begin at Yu Dow Son Aesthetics Japanese Cuisine 魚道生美學日本料理, one of the hottest additions to Taipei's competitive sushi scene. Owner and Chef Liu Ji-an was a senior sushi chef at No Sushi 野壽司, a premier Edomae 江戶前 sushi house in Taipei.

Yu Dow Son 魚道生 (Japanese: Gyodouike) represents a technique of Japanese "flower-do" (the way of flower) that stresses the harmony of ying and yang. The combination of exquisite Japanese cuisine and elegant flower-do is the immediate theme of the restaurant. In addition to the hearty wood furnitures and spacious dining atmosphere, state-of-the-art flower decors can be seen at every corner of the restaurant!

Owner and Chef Liu Ji-an 劉濟安師傅

Jon and I ordered the NT$ 1,800 omakase - the chef decides what to serve us based on the freshest available ingredients. We also made a reservation a couple days in advance, so we can sit at the sushi bar and see Chef Ji-an in action.

Appetizer Platter

Flatfish & Torched Yellowtail Sashimi 比目魚 & 黃鰭鮪魚

In addition to the usual ginger and radish garnishes, the chef offered us to try some sea grapes. The radish was particularly delicious!

Sea Grapes 海葡萄, Ginger 薑, Radish 醃蘿蔔

For many Asians, Cod milt is considered a delicacy (I am not sure if I agree with that). However, if you don't think about what you are actually eating, it really doesn't taste that bad.

Cod Milt 鱈魚白子

Slightly Torched Scallop Sashimi 干貝

Blended with exotic spices from abroad, the bonito carpaccio was flavorful and whetted my appetite.

Bonito Carpaccio 醃製鰹魚

Black Cod Saikyo Yaki 圓鱈西京燒

Steak with Taro Sauce 牛肉佐芋頭醬汁

Fried Tofu 炸豆腐 (on the house!)

Unlike traditional sushi masters, chefs at Yu Dao Son dress in stylishly black - bringing some swag.

chopping up a piece of tuna

The fresh and tasty nigiris demonstrated the masterful skills of Chef Ji-an. Before serving, he beautifully flavored and garnished each nigiri with the most complementary seasonings. Quite interestingly, Yu Dow Son's sushi rice is warm instead of the typical dead-cold state. The temperatured rice escalated the tastiness of the fish and made the sushi more smoothing to take. Chef Ji-an jokingly asked, "Don't you think it tasted better?"

Cuttlefish Nigiri 軟絲握壽司

Chef Ji-an proudly presented his cuttlefish nigiri and told me that he carefully scored it 60 times!

Sweet Shrimp Nigiri 甜蝦握壽司

The ruby-like tuna as well as the sharp cuts made it the most awesome tuna nigiri.

Tuna Nigiri 鮪魚握壽司



Mackerel Nigiri 白昆布青花魚握壽司
topped with marinated white seaweed

White Miso Soup with Clams 蛤蜊白味增湯

Red Bean Soup with Mochi 紅豆湯麻薯

Macha Green Tea 抹茶

Yu Dao Son 魚道生

Yu Dow Son stands out as one of the finest and most traditional sushi houses in the city. I will definitely come back for more!

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