Thursday, January 5, 2012

Taipei | Tian Mu Goose 天母大頭鵝鵝肉專賣店

Tian Mu Goose 天母大頭鵝鵝肉專賣店
No. 23, Lane 8, Tian Mu East Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Price: $
Recommendation: 4 Star

Walking distance from my apartment in Taipei, Tian Mu Goose 天母大頭鵝鵝肉專賣店 is one of Tian Mu residents' favorites. As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in Taiwanese goose cuisine. Tian Mu Goose opens at 3:00pm in the afternoon and will often be out of their famous geese by 7:00pm. Many have to rush to this busy street shop after work - a second late, you will have to come back tomorrow!

2 cooking stations


All of their delicious geese are wrapped in plastic bags - it was quite a scene!

Tian Mu Goose prepares their geese in simply two ways: Salt Water Goose 鹹水鵝 and Tea Smoked Goose 煙薰茶鵝. Salt Water style keeps the original sweetness of goose meat; the poultry is only lightly salted. It is my preferred style! Similar to European smoked meats, the tea smoked goose has a strong smokey fragrance; however, with a hint of calming tea scent. Because of the smoking process, the aromatic meat is even more tender and juicier.

Since both styles are irresistible, I ordered the salt water goose and tea smoked goose combo. You can also pick which part of the goose you want: leg, chest, or wing. As an Asian, of course, I asked for the dark meat/ leg.

Goose Plate
Salt Water Goose & Tea Smoked Goose
鹹水鵝 & 煙薰茶鵝

The golden brown skin is tea smoked, while the white skinned meat is the salt water style.

It is pretty much required to have a bowl of noodle soup (whether traditional noodle, rice noodle, or vermicelli) when eating goose meat. The clear and refreshing soup washes out the saltiness of the goose meat, so that you can have another plate of it!

Flat Rice Noodle Soup 板條

finished the entire plate myself

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