Sunday, April 10, 2011

New York | M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel

I love recruiting season. Not because I look forward to joining the workforce, but it is all about the perks that come along when interviewing. To me, on-site interviews are like free trips to New York City or wherever the company is. Typically, the firm will provide you with airfare, hotel accommodation, taxi, as well as reasonable food expenses. Seriously, what do you want more? Last January, I think I expensed as much as $2,000 in the span of a few days when I was interviewing with banks.

For my interview with Morgan Stanley, I was put into the Mansfield Hotel, a boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel is situated in the historic and prestigious Club Row, where many ivy leagues' alumni clubs reside in New York, and it is just blocks away from the touristy Time Square. Instead of having a stipend for my breakfast, Morgan Stanley paid for a nice morning meal at the hotel's lounge - the M Bar.

I woke up a bit early on the day of my interview and went to breakfast with my casual clothes. The M Bar is a small and intimate room on the lobby level of the hotel. The grand dark wood finishing at the bar brings out the sophisticated and classy vibe of this historic site. I sat at the table next to the window, which overlooked the 44th street.

The M Bar from

The waiter approached me with a smile and greeted me immediately. The breakfast selection on the menu all seemed very tasty and appealing. I decided to order the poached egg brioche with truffle oil, which came with applewood smoked bacon and a side salad. Coffee or tea was also included with the order.

I absolutely loved the truffle essence that instantly transformed the simple egg dish to something exquisite and more appetizing. The smokey bacon was fried to the perfect crispy state. Not to mention, the soft texture of the brioche bread was my favorite. A bite of the half cooked egg and toasty brioche with bacon brought a complex divine taste that would literally bring you to heaven.

Poached Egg Brioche with Truffle Oil, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Side Salad

As I enjoyed my dark and robust English breakfast tea, I casually read through the Wall Street Journal and checked out recent exciting IPO and M&A deals on my iPad to prepare for my coming interview. When I asked the waiter for more hot water, he also brought me extra tea bags, which was really nice of him. I am never a morning person; however, I actually really enjoyed this early meal at the M Bar.

Though known for its classy and high end night lounge, the breakfast at the M Bar is deliciously prepared, and the waiting staff is very attentive and made me felt very cozy and relaxed as I enjoyed my meal. It was definitely a very special breakfast experience in New York City. Thanks to Morgan Stanley!

M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel
12 West 44th Street
New York, NY10036

Recommendation: 4 Stars
Very classy and cozy hotel lounge in Midtown Manhattan, which offers delicate meals and a great selection of cocktails and wines.

The hotel room at the Mansfield is tiny though......


  1. because all the restaurants are very good!!

  2. The best boutique hotels nyc has to offer are right in the Manhattan area. BTW, that place looks really tasty!


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